About us

Netprom cooperetion with Optronics and FibreFab. Netprom is a leading professional Fiber Optic and Data connectivity solution supplier and exporter from UE. We focus on producing Fiber Optic Equipment, passive components and assemblies to the customer worldwide.

Workstation and testing devices that satisfy our customers' reguirement.

Netprom offers unmatched reliability for your mission critical systems, from the central office to the home. In the short time since Netprom was founded we have grown into a full service manufacturer of fiberoptic components, assemblies, PLC splitters, high fiber count cable terminations, Lgx style patch panels, pre-loaded adapter plates and much more.

We will assist you in any way we can, whether the needs are fiberoptic connectors, adapters, jumpers, pigtails, patch panels, pre-loaded LGX adapter plates, or consulting. Should you have any questions about Netprom or  our products, please contact us.

We are a Polish producer of wide range of modern products for the market of telecommunications, industry, automatization and urban networks. We are one of the european leaders in distribution and production of the components used to build fiber optic networks and structural cabling systems. Our solitions are being used for the construction of the modern IT systems with an emphasis on the fiber optic technologies for operators networks, metropolitan networks and last mile FTTH networks. Our company often marked out new directions in the industry especially by introducing new products connected with microcanalization and FTTx systems. The Company’s headquarters are located in Człuchów (Poland) alltogether with the Research & Developement Center and Logistic Center.

The Company’s important part is export department, which gives us an opportunity to attend international projects as a supplier of competitive solutions or subcontractor of selected products. Thanks to that we gain experience and knowledge about the newest trends which appear all over the world. Currently our products are virtually being  sold and used in European Union.

Netprom own world's most modern equipment for connecting optical fibers - FSM-70S welder. Its novel design is dedicated to telecommunication market demanding highest quality connections even in difficult environmental conditions.

Netprom can provide broad range of services which include:

  • Full project of ber optic lines
  • Supply and delivery of ber optic components
  • Construction of ber optic lines and networks
  • Line preparation
  • Arangement and connection of ber optic cable (fiber welding)
  • Network measurement with preparation to work
  • Fiber optic lines transmission testing
  • Handover protocol preparation
  • Warranty and post warranty service
  • Fiber optic network, LAN and CCTV maintenance service

Our Team

Michał Klimczak

Michał Klimczak

Agnieszka Tylec

Agnieszka Tylec